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Black & Decker® TROS1500 SPACEMAKER™ Toaster Oven, White Black & Decker TROS1500 SPACEMAKER Toaster Oven, WhiteSpectrum Brands Black & Decker® TROS1500 SPACEMAKER™ Toaster Oven, White Black & Decker TROS1500 SPACEMAKER Toaster Oven, White

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Spectrum Brands

Black & Decker® TROS1500 SPACEMAKER™ Toaster Oven, White Black & Decker TROS1500 SPACEMAKER Toaster Oven, White

Retail Price:  $79.99

You Save:  26%

SKU:  4746680

Mfr. Part#:  TROS1500

UPC:  050875800625

Weight:  18 lbs

Condition:  New

Not Available

Black & Decker® TROS1500 SPACEMAKER™ Toaster Oven, White Black & Decker TROS1500 SPACEMAKER Toaster Oven, White

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Important Note: This product is sold under separate return policy that is different from our standard return policy. Please read carefully through return policy tab below as it may contain very important information regarding limitations of warranty and return for this product.

Get the convenience of a toaster oven without taking up space on your counter thanks to our SpaceMaker™ Toaster Oven. With a large capacity to fit a 9 pizza or 4 slices of toast and easy-to-use controls for bake, toast and keep warm, youll have all the performance you need. Installation is easy with step-by-step instructions and a pre-sized mounting template, plus a Save-A-Plug™ outlet lets you power 2 SpaceMaker™ appliances in one.
Mountable under the cabinet4-Slice or 9" pizza capacityToast and Bake Function, Drop Down Crumb TrayDrop-Down Crumb TrayRack Advance
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Part Number Variations:  TROS1500, 050875800625

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